Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Spring 2010

Spring is going by so quickly! We have made some really great memories in the past month so I'll share them with you!
The look that gets Sawyer what he wants.
Yup, that's a baby SNAKE!!!
This year we had most of Sawyer's little friends over for an Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had so much fun playing together and finding their eggs. They each made a Bunny Bag to collect their eggs in and then headed out for some egg hunting:) Good times and Great Memories.
Look at what the Easter Bunny left for me!
Finn washing Sawyer's bike.
Sawyer and Emma just a swingin'.
Little Graham found all his eggs too!
I'm only slightly worried about the fact that Sawyer liked these girly things! Thanks Isabella for sharing.
All Dressed up for Easter Sunday
My handsome boys!
The Timm's came to visit for a weekend. Had so much fun!
Sawyer and Finn- Little buddies
Sawyer taking in the view at Leigh's camp in Lake George!
What a gorgeous day for sun and fun!
3 of my favorite people!
Goofing Around
Dirty Toes
Sawyer and Finn
Dave mowed the lawn for the first time this spring and Sawyer was VERY excited about it. He got his little mower out and followed Daddy all around the yard! I think he walked several miles that night!

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McKerrow Clan said...

Looks like you have had great weather too! Sawyer is so cute:) and what a brave little boy, the snake would have definitely grossed Cora out! Mav probably would have tried to eat it:)