Sunday, May 9, 2010

Girls Trip to Miami

Last week I was lucky enough to have taken a trip to Miami with some special girls... Shelly, Darci and I enjoyed 4 days ( well 2 were travel days ) of absolute relaxation and girl time. These pictures don't do justice to the gorgeous place we stayed or the amazing evenings out we had! I did miss Sawyer and Dave but this trip was just what the Dr. ordered :))
DESSERT!!!! ( No calories of course)
Shelly, Darci and me at News Cafe where we ate the amazing dessert.
Palm Trees at night were so pretty
Darci and myself
Pretty Girls!
Us again... eating...
We took a boat cruise around Millionaire's Row...
Got to see many of the stars homes....
This one was amazing! Those palm trees...
$10,000 a piece...brought from that's CRAZY!
Oh, and that's my yacht!
Girls, Girls, Girls!
Happy Toes in the Sand
The condo that we stayed at was absolutely amazing.
It was the nicest place I have ever stayed.
This was the kitchen...didn't get much use since we weren't cooking..woohoo!
Only part of the gorgeous balcony
Our pool which had a beautiful view of Miami both day and night.
View of the Marina from our balcony.
This picture doesn't do the view justice...
have I mentioned that it was an amazing view?!!!

We had a great time together. We made some wonderful memories, ate some delicious food, had great late night chats, enjoyed the ocean....most of was all girl time! Oh and I don't have a picture but we had a black, Sebring Convertible...that was really fun for sure.

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